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Home parenteral nutrition (HPN)

Nationwide clinical support, resources and personalized therapy are available for people receiving home parenteral nutrition.


What is HPN therapy?

Home parenteral nutrition (HPN) is the intake of nutrition intravenously (through a vein).

HPN helps to correct or prevent malnutrition. It is used to treat people who have conditions that limit the nutrition and fluids that their digestive system can absorb from the food they eat. Short bowel syndrome, Crohn's disease and similar conditions are treated with HPN.

Clinical Support

Our HPN team is here to support you and your family.

Our infusion pharmacists, nurses and nutrition support dietitians will help you with:

  • Parenteral and enteral nutrition formulation management
  • Individualized parenteral nutrition treatment plans
  • Specialized central venous catheter care and education
  • Comprehensive nutrition assessments
  • A dedicated dietitian who is a Certified Nutrition Support Clinician® (CNSC®)
  • Close collaboration with your local health care team

Patient support

Optum® Infusion Pharmacy recognizes that each person has a unique nutrition support journey. We partner with you to enhance your quality of life and increase independence. We offer peer support, education, and resources such as our informational PN children's books, Optum StrapWrap® and Optum Intestinal Rehab program.

The Optum nutrition patient liaison team is here to help you — because they’re consumers and caregivers themselves. 


Explore our resources

Learn about the tools to support patients and their loved ones.

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Optum StrapWrap

The Optum StrapWrap is a free medical alert wrap that attaches to a seatbelt, backpack or other strap. To learn more, or request your free Strap wrap, click the button below.

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HPN Services

Learn more about our services, education, resources and how to contact us.

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  • We provide nutrition support services in all 50 states. To learn how we can help you, see all the ways to contact us.

  • To refer your patient to Optum Infusion Pharmacy, please complete this form and send to your local Optum Infusion Pharmacy.

    Infusion services are available in all 50 states.  
    Check the list to find an Optum Infusion Pharmacy location near you. 

  • We understand the unique challenges of living on nutrition support. Our educational tip sheets cover topics including: 

    • Getting started on HPN
    • Central venous catheter (CVC) care
    • HPN and trace elements
    • Preparing for hospitalization
    • Attending holiday gatherings on HPN
    • Travel considerations
    • Preparing for emergency situations

    Contact your Optum representative to learn more.

  • Following a best-practice model for treating short bowel syndrome, the at-home Optum Intestinal Rehab (OIR) program provides essential support for patients to improve quality of life.

    This program offers intensive education and motivational counseling that can help patients with short bowel syndrome reduce their dependence on IV therapies. Visit the Optum Intestinal Rehab program page to learn more.

  • Optum Infusion Pharmacy is a leader in parenteral nutrition education. Our courses are available year-round and offer one hour of group virtual or in-person continuing education (CE) credits for registered nurses, registered dietitians and certified case managers.

    Course list:

    • Parenteral nutrition (HPN) 101
    • HPN today: Challenges, safety, and advances in care
    • HPN and pancreatitis: A review
    • HPN and short bowel syndrome: A review
    • Short bowel syndrome: The Intestinal Rehab Approach
    • HPN and nausea and vomiting of pregnancy (NVP): A review
    • HPN and homestarts: A review of refeeding syndrome
    • HPN and ethical issues: A review
    • HPN and bariatric surgery: A review
    • HPN and oncology: A review
    • Parenteral nutrition-associated liver disease (PNALD): A review
    • HPN and pediatrics: A review
    • HPN and reimbursement: A review

    Contact your local Optum Infusion Pharmacy representative or Certified Nutrition Support Clinician® (CNSC®) to schedule a program.

  • Our specially trained infusion nurses are available nationwide, making it easier for patients to receive the care they need, where they need it. Patients and their providers can expect 24/7 support, supplies and comprehensive care.

  • Our patient liaisons have personal experience living with HPN. They can help patients and caregivers manage PN therapy and overcome challenges.